Mosquitoes were once thought to not be able to travel far or wide, but with the spreading of malaria, it has become much more evident that mosquitoes are traveling. They can travel at high altitudes and can even survive on the food and water in those higher altitudes. Several studies conducted have resulted in the fact that mosquitoes travel long distances to spread disease and can survive in environments that were once thought to be foreign to mosquitoes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mosquitoes can travel a lot further than originally thought, they don’t just stay at home.
  • Mosquitoes can in fact survive in high altitudes and can find food and water in those regions.
  • Now it is finally understood how malaria has been able to travel far and wide.

“It turned out that not only can mosquitoes survive the rigors of high-altitude flight during this worst of times, but also that the females can lay eggs and take blood meals afterwards.”

Read more: https://entomologytoday.org/2020/08/12/anopheles-mosquitoes-malaria-long-distance-flights/

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