Asian giant hornets are still making headlines after many sensational news have come out this summer citing these as “Murder Hornets”. While the click bait has drawn in a lot of views, their have only been a total of five of these seen on U.S. soil. If you’re running a pest control business then you will have to deal with a lot of calls from people who think they are dealing with these. You’ll want to be compassionate and let them know you can deal with their situation with professionalism.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only five Asian giant hornets have been sighted so far in the United States, with all five found in Washington state.
  • Cicada Killers and European hornets can easily be mistaken for Asian giant hornets.
  • The Washington State Department of Agriculture has launched a program encouraging the public to report any and all Asian giant hornet sightings.

“The fright associated with the insect has led to countless ‘2020 in a nutshell’ memes as the public deals with the pandemic, protests and more this summer.”

Read more: https://www.mypmp.net/2020/07/29/asian-giant-hornets-continue-to-make-headlines/

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