As employees are headed back to work after the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important for businesses to protect their buildings against pests. Since many businesses were vacant for months, pests may have invaded looking for new sources of food. Many of these pests not only carry debilitating diseases, but can cause physical damage to critical infrastructure. They can chew holes in cable, siding, and doors, leading to an even bigger pest problem. To protect against these nuisances, companies should use preventative pest control measures like traps, netting, sound alarms, and the use of professional services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pest-proofing is important after COVID-19 because some rodents are searching for new homes for new food.
  • It’s important to proof your business because rodents can track dirt and diseases which can be detrimental to your organization.
  • Rentokill offers complete solutions for getting rid of pests and keeping them away with a guarantee the job will be done.

“Whether you’re about to re-open your premises or you have already, keeping pests out of your business is essential to limit their impact.”

Read more: https://www.rentokil.com/blog/pest-proofing-covid-19-lockdown/

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