K9s are mostly known for their ability to fight crime by sniffing drugs. Some sniff for explosives and more recently we have seen K9s that work to sniff out bed bugs. While their superior odor detection is very strong, a recent couple from Fenton, Mich have found out that they could train their dogs to have about an 85% chance of detecting COVID-19 in human saliva. While this is just one couple, it will be cool to see more people explore this option.

Key Takeaways:

  • Working dogs have an excellent sense of smell, and can detect termites, bed bugs, and rodents.
  • New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development has used bed bug detecting beagles.
  • Bed bug detecting dogs in Michigan have been trained to detect COVID-19 in saliva samples.

“As I’ve written about before, I’ve long been fascinated by the ability of working K9s to sniff out not only drugs and explosives, but in our own industry, have great success aiding their handlers in inspections for termites, bed bugs, rodents and more.”

Read more: https://www.mypmp.net/2020/08/13/bed-bug-k9s-could-be-key-to-ending-pandemic/

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